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Upgrade now to Premium and start using Printer Queues!

What is printer queues?

Printer Queues is an app where you are able to create, edit and remove printer queues for your print files. Youโ€™ll have total control over your print jobs using a single interface and real-time monitoring of multiple devices at the same time.

How does it work?

Easy. We integrated it with the print dialog youโ€™ve been using.

You can choose a device that's printing to queue the print file, or select print later if you don't know which printer will print it, and decide later where to send it. Also you can access the printer queues app right from your dashboard.

Why do i need this?

Have you ever had more objects to print than printers? With the printer queues app you can get all of your objects ready to print and assign them to a printer.

As soon as a print has finished the next file is ready to go, you only have to clean the bed.

The Print Queue App lets you know:

  • When the printer is ready for the next file to print.
  • What the next file to print is.
  • How many files are remaining.
  • How long the file takes to print.

Print queues features

Real time monitoring of multiple devices, including printing progress and job information
Browser Notifications when a print finishes
Move your queue files up or down to alter their print order
Add print files to offline devices
Save to Print Later when you don't know which printer to use
Integrated with the current web interface